Early Knights

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    Monday  6.15 to 7.15pm  during school term.
    County Club, 29 Ridgmont Road, St Albans, AL1 3AG.
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Early Knights Junior Chess Club provides coaching and matches for boys and girls who are typically aged between 6 and 12 and who are experienced chess players already with an English Chess Federation grade of at least 50 (the club does not cater for beginners).

Our members have the opportunity to play regularly against a wide variety of junior opponents within the club and also receive group coaching sessions. Most of our juniors play regularly in tournaments and have been selected for Hertfordshire county teams. Most progress to the latter stages of the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge and some have been chosen to represent England in international tournaments.

Some of the older players like to stay on for the start of the senior club where they compete in the popular Lavers Ladder.


Term dates for 2020-2021
The club's usual premises are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus alert.
Until the premises are open our sessions are held as Zoom meetings online for members.
Sessions restart from Monday September 7 2020 at 6:15pm. 

Joining Early Knights

All of our places are taken for the current academic year.

The popularity of the Early Knights Club has obliged us to introduce a waiting list for new members and we would like to hear from you. Please register your interest in being added to the waiting list early via the organisers' email link below and include the following information:

Child's First name:
School year: (for example: year 2, year 3 etc)
Chess experience:
How many years have they been playing chess?
Do they play in a school club / have they attended any training sessions / do they play online?
Skill level - which one of the following most closely matches your child's chess skill level?
A - Absolute beginner
B - Knows the rules, how the pieces move and can play a basic friendly against an opponent
C - Knows a few openings, basic tactics, key end games
D - Has experience of playing in tournaments, knows how to use a clock and can record the moves (this is the standard of player we prioritise on our waiting list)


When a place becomes available players are selected from the waiting list based on playing strength, not how long they have been on the waiting list.

Please note that the club does not cater for beginner players. Parents whose children need to learn the basics may want to help them with lessons on a website such as ChessKid.


Our annual subscription fee per member is £35.00 (Sept 2020 to May 2021).


Organisers: Matt Ball & Michael Flatt, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.