Club Championship: The Silver Rook

The Silver Rook is the trophy awarded to the winner of the St Albans Chess Club Individual Championship. All games are submitted to the ECF for grading.

Qualifying Tournament and Finals

The qualifying tournament which is open to all club members begins in September and can be entered at any time up to the end of March when the qualifying phase closes.

The four leading players from the qualifying tournament progress to the semi-finals, based on their performance in their four best results against other players.

The Grand Final between the winning semi-finalists is then held on the first Monday of June. The winner becomes St Albans Chess Club Champion and is presented with the Silver Rook Trophy which is retained for one year.


The Silver Rook was purchased by the Club in 1900 for the Handicap Tournament that had been introduced that year. After only six years the trophy was presented to Mr Townson and held permanently by him after having won the tournament on three occasions.

In 1935, Mr Townson presented the Silver Rook to the Club as the permanent trophy of the St Albans Chess Club Individual Championship, played on even terms.

Further Information

For information on how to enter, tournament rules and all other enquiries, please, contact the Tournament Director, Craig Fothergill.